How do I add new users?


Cresta offers a self-service model with defined manager-agent team relationships. With User Management, admins can create Users, and assign Roles and Teams that will flow throughout the application.


Creating new Users

1. Navigate to Director using your customer namespace URL. Example URL:


2. Log in using SSO (if the option is available to you) or the username/password created by a Cresta Admin on your team:



3. Click User Management under the Admin section of the Director menu.

4. Click Add new:



5. Set the following fields:


  • Username: This will be the user's login name. Must be at least 3 characters and can contain alphanumerical characters, dots, dashes, underscores and @ signs.
  • Name: User's full name, which will be used to find that User throughout Director.
  • Agent alias: The name agents use with customers. We use this to better populate suggestions and hints.
  • Email: Add an email address for the user so they can configure their Cresta notifications to be delivered via their email inbox. 
  • Password
  • Role:
    • Admin: Gives access to all Director functionality and user creation. 
    • Manager: Gives access to coaching and reporting functionality within Director.
    • Agent: Gives access to Cresta Agent interface, and view-only access to Closed Conversations, Scoring, Coaching, Agent Leaderboard, Library, and Notifications within Director. Agents require at least one agent profile. Note: The agent functionality available within Director may vary based on the features enabled for the organization.
    • Insights Admin: Specific role to manage Insights dashboards (create, update, delete).
    • Performance Admin: Specific role to manage the performance workflow (in Opera, Performance Templates, Insights).
    • Opera Admin: Specific role to manage Opera rules (create, update, deactivate).
    • User Admin: Specific role to manage user rights, teams, roles (create, update, deactivate).
  • Team: Assign the user to a team, by selecting their manager’s name (or team name) from the Team drop-down. Note: Teams are used throughout Director for reporting & analytics, and coaching purposes.  Team hierarchies cannot be cyclical. For example, if Carly reports to Chris, then Chris cannot report to Carly. 

6. Click Done.



When adding agent users, you will need to add either a Platform ID or login name (or both depending on your platform). This ensures Cresta will work for the agent. Please contact Cresta support (in the navigation bar) if you need additional help.

  • Platform ID: ID/username the agent uses to log in to their native platform. Platform ID is case sensitive.
  • Platform login name: Login name the agent uses to log in to their native platform

If a user needs two or more separate profiles for different agent platform accounts, use the + Agent Profile option to enter additional Platform IDs and Platform login names.

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