How do I add Common Words?

Common words are words that occur frequently in your calls but might not appear commonly in ordinary conversation. Because these words and phrases don't appear often in ordinary conversation, the transcription engine will mistake them for more common utterances. You can help the transcription engine by providing your common words to it.
Common Words is a feature offered for Cresta Voice only.

Adding new Common Words

1. Navigate to Director using your customer namespace URL. Example URL:


2. Log in using SSO (if the option is available to you) or the username/password created by a Cresta Admin on your team



3. Once you are logged in, click "Common Words" on the Admin tab. Click "+Add Words".



4. Add comma separated list of words, or exact phrases which are less than 5 words in length. Select Word weight between -30 and 30. Leave at 3 if unsure.
5. Click "Preview New Words" and then "Save New Words". You should see a green "Success!" message if your words were successfully saved.

Removing existing Common Words

Click "x" on any word to remove it from the list


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