Not Receiving Hints

In order to receive hints within Cresta, all agents must have Focus Areas pre-set by the Cresta team. Focus Areas determine which hints will fire for that agent at a given time. They can be set to match all other agents in a team or can be updated individually per agent.

If a NEW agent is not receiving hints, they likely have not had their Focus Areas set. Please use the ? Support tab in Cresta Director to report this issue. Provide the agent name and username along with the Areas to be set. For example, please let us know if the agent needs to match the team or provide a list of the specific hints to be fired.

If an EXISTING agent has previously been receiving hints and no longer is, please follow the troubleshooting steps below:

  1. If Focus Areas tab is available within Cresta Director, locate the agent and confirm if these areas are still set
  2. Instruct the agent to log out and back in to the application completely (clearing cache/cookies when available)
  3. Have the agent continue to take chats and note whether the issue is continuous for all chats or intermittent. Direct the agent to make note of specific chat IDs where the issue is occurring (screenshots should be taken while the issue is occurring as well when possible)
  4. In Cresta Director, access the Live/Closed conversations and confirm if hints are able to be seen for the agent
  5. In Cresta Director, access the ? Support tab and create a ticket providing the information collected above
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