How to contact Cresta Support from within Director

  • On the left panel, click “Support” (just above Logout)


  • Click on "Report an Issue"


  • You’ll be asked to fill in the following details:

    • Requester details: Your name and email (this is where you’ll receive responses from our team)
    • Product: Choose the appropriate Cresta product you are experiencing issues with: Chat, Voice, Director, and Chatbot
    • Subject: Please provide a brief of the issue
    • Ticket Priority: Choose from P0, P1, P2, P3 to help describe the level of impact 
    • Impact: How widespread is the issue? Choose from single, multiple, all users
    • Description: Please include as many details as possible: replication steps, usernames, chat/call IDs, timestamps, etc.
    • Attachments: Screenshots and videos are extremely helpful for providing additional and clear context!
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How to contact Cresta Support from within Director
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